I’ll Never Be Bordeaux Napa

Sonoma/Napa/Marin, California. [March 2019]

Not gonna wine ’bout this one.

ATV (All-Terrain Vineyard) – at Repris Wines atop Moon Mountain
Impeccable Left- and Right-bank styled Bordeaux blends from Repris
Processed With Darkroom
Staring into a moss-covered natural abyss
Another drive down Route 1, another stop at Hog Island
Morning dew on the floor of Armstrong Redwoods Reserve


Point Reyes shipwreck, just as haunting as last time

“But such was his state of mind that two bottles were not enough to extinguish his thoughts; so he remained, too drunk to fetch any more wine, not drunk enough to forget, seated in front of his two empty bottles, with his elbows on a rickety table, watching all the specters that Hoffman scattered across manuscripts moist with punch, dancing like a cloud of fantastic black dust in the shadows thrown by his long-wicked candle.” -Alexandre Dumas, Le Comte de Monte-Cristo

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