Lead On Neon

Las Vegas, Nevada. [May 2017]

Friday. realize in the morning that the Chainsmokers are playing at XS. Book tickets. Flight delayed 1.5 hours. Rush to Aria and check in at midnight LV time. Cab to Encore. Wife forgets ID. Cab back to Aria. Wife gets ID. Cab back to Encore. Get in at 1:15AM. Chainsmokers start playing at 1:30AM. A perfect mix of their songs and throwbacks like Blink 182 and Bon Jovi. Start to mentally pass out at 3:30AM LV time. Realize we haven’t slept for 24 hours. Cab back to Aria. Eat unhealthy food. Crash.

Saturday. wake up hungry. Eat 3,000 calories at Wicked Spoon. Nap. Gym. Dinner at Julian Serrano tapas (incredible Crab Black Rice). Watch Criss Angel do freaky sh!t at Luxor. Catch up with friends who also happen to be in town inside the Chandelier Bar at Cosmopolitan. Realize we are too old to go clubbing for a 2nd night. Get Secret Pizza instead. Crash.

Sunday. walk through the wonderful Neon Boneyard 20 minutes from the Strip. Take in the fascinating history and origins of Sin City. Back to Aria. Hang out by the massive outdoor pool and Jacuzzi. Dine at the two-starred Picasso at Bellagio, overlooking the mesmerizing fountains from close range, and watching the Strip transform into the night creature within. Get to airport. Flight delayed again. Get 2 hours of sleep on flight. Land 8AM in New York. Cab takes 2 hours, train takes 1 hour 15 minutes. Take train. Crash – I mean work – then crash.

Cindy Neon Star
The bright red Stardust sign at Neon Boneyard
Colorful back-lit agates at the Grand Staircase in the Crystals of CityCenter
Cosmo Chandelier
Grabbing a late-night drink inside the Chandelier Bar at Cosmopolitan
Wicked Spoon
Many servings of the sensible portions at Wicked Spoon = insensible portion ultimately
Neon Duck
He’s on Quack cocaine
Lady Luck
We didn’t gamble, but if we did she’d be my Lady Luck
Where’s this bad hombre hiding his ‘stash?

“Some people get rich studying artificial intelligence. Me, I make money studying natural stupidity.” -Carl Icahn

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