You Make Me Say “Vow”

Land’s End, Sayville, New York. [June Eighteenth, 2016]

“My dearest Cindy,

I can’t even preTend that I’m not head over heels everytime you smile at me, because I’ve been on cloud Nine since the day I laid my eyes on you. And even today, Eight years and Seven Wonders later, I’m still riding sky-high and can’t get off.

Here we are, in two thousand Sixteen, and I am marrying the girl of my dreams. High Five, twenty-year-old self, we really did it!

Cindy, I am ready to spend Fourever with you, whether I’m wearing a Three-piece suit or an orange jumpsuit (let’s hope not). I am convinced we can face any challenge ahead when we are Twogether as One. Now that the Countdown is finally over, there is Zero doubt in my mind that I want to spend the rest of my life by your side.

I vow to create a happily ever after with you, like a Disney movie.

So whatever doubt you might have, Let It Go.

From this day forth, your safety and well-being will be a direct Reflection of the man I am.

From this day forth, I promise to show you A Whole New World.

As long as we are together, You Got A Friend In Me.

As long as we are together, we’ve got the Bare Necessities.

You don’t have to Wish Upon A Star anymore,

Because today is that Someday Your Prince Has Come.

and now that I am Part of Your World,

You can always Lion my arms without a care, Hakuna Matata.

-Love, Will

#baegoals complete. Photo credit: Carl Su
Sun’s out, Puns out

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